Bare Ground Management / Total Vegetation Control

Consists of a two-step process where all living vegetation is purposely eliminated under controlled conditions. This is accomplished with first utilizing a combination of non-selective herbicides to kill the unwanted vegetation and then secondly, applying a soil sterilant to keep the unwanted vegetation from returning for up to a year.

Some reasons to use a Bare Ground Management Program are to reduce fire hazards around equipment, improve access and visibility, improve surface drainage and runoff, eliminate hiding spots for snakes and rodents, ease of maintenance, and just a cleaner appearance in general with a reduced labor cost.

Things to consider with a Bare Ground Management Program.

  1. It will kill all vegetation without discriminating.
  2. Primarily for use on industrial and commercial properties, but it also has limited uses in the rural and residential properties as well.
  3. The effects are long lasting, plan for no vegetation to grow on the site treated for a year.
  4. It saves time, labor, and doesn’t put employees at risk for injury by having to remove the vegetation by hand or mechanical means.
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Selective Vegetation Management Program

Combines the latest technology of herbicides to selectively kill single or multiple varieties of vegetation and leave the desirable plants and grasses unharmed. This program is highly effective in areas where the soil may be prone to washing or erosion, by keeping the desirable, more manageable grasses alive and in place to hold the soil.

Today’s herbicide technology has even led to the development of growth retardants for some grasses. This breakthrough will temporarily slow down the growth cycle of the targeted vegetation for up to three months. This treatment can be beneficial for use in areas where there are height restrictions in place, such as inside the city limits of some municipalities.

Growth retardant herbicides are also beneficial for use in areas that are hard to access and maintain, such as high security areas, commercial lots, airports, and other high traffic areas that are not conducive to frequent mowings.


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