Pumps Plus provides both in house and on location service and repair to injection pumps and related equipment. You can bring it to us or have our field techs come to you. Either way you can feel confident we will get it fixed. We are dedicated to maintaining adequate inventory of parts and supplies to help keep you up and running. We offer a swap service and in most situations can have you up and running while a pump is being repaired.

Most of our repairs include refurbishing a pump back to original manufacturer specifications. This includes replacing packing, plungers, and paint to help keep the pump in the field and working as long as possible.

Pumps Plus offers a diverse lineup of pumps to meet a variety of chemical injection applications. Pumps Plus supplies and stocks Solar & Electric Injection Systems as well as Pneumatic Injection Systems.

Pumps Plus will provide guidance and assistance when selecting a pump or a complete chemical injection system based on your exact specifications and that will meet your exact needs at the most efficient price point and overall pump efficiency and lifespan.

Pumps Plus is proud to carry a wide variety of highly regarded and field tested brands and stands behind every one. Every pump we carry comes with 1 year limited manufacturer warranty.

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